All you need to Know About Intimate Bases

We should Stop why we describe Sex in Terms of Bases (And Why)

Even you’ve used its terminology before if you’ve never played a single minute of baseball in your life, there’s a decent chance.

Expressions like “you’re into the leagues that are big,” “that came away from remaining field” and “you knocked it out from the park” are making their means into North American lingo through the sport. While baseball terms usually end up used in our work lives, possibly no baseball terminology has been more impactful compared to the idea of bases as metaphors for intimate closeness.

“Have you been to very first base yet?“

“I finally surely got to base that is second her yesterday evening.“

“I think I’m gonna reach base that is third day now.“

“Last week, we finally hit a homerun!“

But placing a sports-related element regarding sex might imbue it with just a little playfulness for a few, if you dig just a little much deeper, it is really a profoundly inaccurate (and possibly harmful) thought processes about intercourse. Continue reading “All you need to Know About Intimate Bases”