Demographic antecedents of dating use that is app motivations

The MPM (Shafer et al., 2013; Steele and Brown, 1995), along with literary works on sex socialization (Tolman et al., 2003) and intimate identification (e.g. Gobrogge et al., 2007), predicts that sex identity and intimate orientation can end up in variations in the utilization of dating apps, as well as users’ underlying motivations. We consider each below.


Guys are generally socialized toward valuing, being tangled up in numerous sexual relationships, and playing a dynamic part in intimate encounters, while women can be anticipated to value an even more passive sexual role also to spend money on committed relationships (Tolman et al., 2003). Consistent with these identification differences, some prior studies revealed that guys utilize dating internet sites more often than females (Valkenburg and Peter, 2007) and therefore are also more energetic in approaching females online (Kreager et al., 2014). Continue reading “Demographic antecedents of dating use that is app motivations”